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Razpol has launched its Pelican product line

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A variety of additional packaging products for the public

Beyond the T-shirt and Dalia bags, garbage liners and service rolls, Razpol offers the public a wide variety of additional packaging products:
  • Disposable gloves - For deli workers at the food chains.
  • Disposable nylon tablecloths - Provided on a roll, offering an excellent and inexpensive solution for covering tables.
  • Stretch wrap for skid wrapping.
  • Shrink wrap - For product wrapping and preservation.
  • PVC tray wrapping for delis.
  • Separators - Intended mainly for delis, to separate cutlets, cheeses and cold cuts.
  • Nylon aprons - Intended for use be deli workers at food chains.
  • Bag racks - Razpol provides and installs T-Shirt bag and service roll devices. These racks are efficient and equipped with an economical mechanism that prevents customers from using more bags than necessary.
  • Plastic containers - For packing cakes, cold cuts, cheeses and other deli products.
  • HD packaging bags - Providing deli workers with quick and effective access to pull out bags.
  • Duffy bags - These bags have a handle added to the top of the bag. Intended mainly for stores that market luxury items, such as clothing, toys and electrical supplies.
  • Food bags - Marketed as a shelf product for sale to customers. Used to wrap and cover sandwiches and other food products. A custom design can be added to each packaging.

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