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Razpol has launched its Pelican product line

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Service Rolls

Good for packing vegetables, dairy products and pastries in food stores and chains

The line of service rolls mainly serves one goal - packing vegetables, dairy products and pastries in food stores and chains.  These bags are provided in a roll and placed on dedicated racks, for easy and convenient customer access.


Product attributes:

  • Product dimensions - Varied and diverse, custom made to meet customer requirements.
  • Print - Graphic print of up to 2 different colors, optional.
  • Raw material - Service rolls are manufactured with HD materials only.
  • General use bags - Razpol offers the public and small customers a line of standard, non-custom bags.
  • Star welding - As in the field of garbage liner, the service rolls can also be star welded to save on volume costs.
  • Service pockets - Razpol also offers service pockets, i.e. small bags for use by deli employees at food stores. These bags are taken from a bag pocket and are used to package cheeses, cold cuts and other deli products.
  • Quick retrieval device - In addition, Razpol markets a quick retrieval device for the service rolls. The rack enables customers to take the bags with one hand, simplifying their purchasing process. The device is installed at several areas throughout the store - Fresh Produce, Dairy Products and Pastries.

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