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Razpol has launched its Pelican product line

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News 2006

Razpol Website Launched

1 בינואר, 2007

Welcome to the new Razpol website.  Razpol is the leading company for producing and marketing packaging products.  The Razpol site is an excellent tool for strengthening ties with our customers, as well as an extensive informative source relating to the bag market in general.  Through the site, you can review the comprehensive product lines available to you, contact our sales representatives, stay up to date on global prices of raw materials and get more acquainted with the Company and the people behind it.


The idea underlying the site is embodied in a single word - reliability.  We made an effort to reflect reliability in each of the site elements, ranging from the extent of details provided on the Company to the presentation of recent global changes in raw materials, in order to provide our customers with accurate information about their products.


The packaging market is replete with suppliers, yet Razpol manages to stand out thanks, among other things, to its experience and reliability.  We hope that this site will adequately reflect these attributes.

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Enjoy your visit to our site

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