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Razpol has launched its Pelican product line

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About Us

Razpol Ltd. is among the leaders in the nylon bag and packaging industry in Israel. The Company was established in 1982 and currently operates and markets packaging products throughout the country. Thanks to its professional and efficient employee base, Razpol has established its position as a highly qualitative and reliable company with a broad range of sales in all sectors of the economy.

The plastic market in general, and specifically the packaging market, is replete with suppliers. Razpol manages to stand out among these thanks to several unique attributes:

• Razpol leads the Israeli market in the field of recycled products (LDPE). Customers interested in products made of recycled materials shall enjoy significantly lower prices and products that are of identical quality to those made with standard materials. We offer a variety of products made of recycled materials. For further information, please visit our Product Catalogue.

• Seniority - Razpol has been active for 24 years, providing it with years of operation and experience. All potential customers will be offered the most professional, effective and appropriate advice to fit their specific needs, thanks to the experienced professionals employed by the Company.

• Local and international connections - Razpol supplied both local and international goods. This enables it to offer a very wide range of products, as well as innovative products, without delay. We face the future and welcome all innovations introduced in the packaging industry.


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